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History of JMM's Dental Implant System

Your Smile, Our Smile

Kyocera and Kobelco have independently developed products to satisfy needs of medical institutions by making best use of their unique technologies on material and processing since 1973 and 1984 respectively.So far,medical material market has been on steady growth,and professional requests have diversified.Thus JMM was established by these two companies to properly recognize such requests and supply excellent products by uniting ceramics technology from Kyocera and metal technology from Kobelco.We aim to be global manufacturer of all-round medical materials.

JMM Company Credo

•We provide products which, in full confidence, we are willing for our parents and children to use.
•We conduct ourselves guided by the same view of patients and their families.
•We are fulfilled when patients feel well, with their smiles the source of our energy.
•We offer comfort and reliability to surgeons trying their best for patients.