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Surface Treatment Technology

POIEX has oxidized layer of 135 to 140nm on its surface,which color offers esthetic harmony with intraoral environment.

The gold color produces aesthetic harmonization in the oral cavity.

• HA Flame Spraying
Since HA is resolved with the conventional plasma spraying process at extreme high temperature of 10,000 degrees C or more, flame spraying process that apatite [Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2] can be sprayed under the relatively mild condition of 3,000 degrees C is adopted to HACEX.

• 20μm average thickness of HA layer
Very thin HA coating, 20μm of the average thickness, is treated on the Fixture thread surface to expect bone formation and development in the early stage.

Data provided : 1st Dept. of Endodontics, Tokyo dental college

• Stable Apatite Composition
The sprayed apatite ratio of Ca and P is 1.66. The composition very close to the theoretical value 1.67 is realized. Additionally the rate of crystallization after heat treatment holds high ratio of 55%, the crystallization has high
quality and stability, and excellent biocompatibility.

• Comparison of Initial Fixation Strength to Bone between HA-Coated Titanium Fixtures and Anodized Titanium Fixtures
Titanium fixtures and HA-coated Titanium fixtures were implanted to rabbits, and rotating torque to remove them were measured periodically.
As shown on the graph, HA-coated Titanium fixtures achieved earlier bone anchoring.

By courtesy of Institute of Reconstruction Dentistry (1995)
Tokyo Dental College, 1st Dept. of Endodontics

• Comparison of Osteoconductivity between HA-Coated Titanium Fixtures and Anodized Titanium Fixtures
After two, four, and eight weeks of implantation of HA-coated Titanium fixtures and anodized Titanium fixtures in rabbits, the whole image of each tissue specimen was processed using image analysis software to extract areas where new bone tissue and material surface contact.  Then, the contact area at each implantation period was measured.
HA-coated Titanium fixtures were found to show higher contact rate at all implantation periods.  
Sufficient bonding of new dense and highly-calcified bone and HA coating layer was observed on the SEM image after eight weeks of implantation.

*Bone Contact Rate:
(Length of area that bone and implant contact directly with no interjacent fibrous tissue) ÷ (Total length of bone/implant interface) × 100
*SEM image of bone contact relation with HA coating and implant.(8weeks)