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Fixture Specification

Taper Type Fixture

Taper type fixture is for when there is relatively small space to adjacent roots or when alveolar bone is narrow. It also allows easier angled insertion that avoids perforation to alveolar bone wall.
The tip of fixture has thinner inner diameter with higher threads so that it is indicated for soft bone, front teeth, and extraction socket.

Straight Type Fixture

Straight type fixture is recommended for standard case including hard bone, and normal bone density at apical area.

Improvement of Mechanical Initial Stability

Original Thread Design

Dimensions of Threaded Area of Taper Type Fixture

Surface Area of POIEX/HACEX Fixtures

Calculation based on 3D model of S type
 (as Infrabony length is focused)

Surface Area of POIEX/HACEX Fixtures

Internal Joint System

POIEX/HACEX adopts internal hex joint. Maximum rotation tolerance is shown below. Excellent mating enables superb fit of implant and superstructure as well as precise impression.

Application according to Natural Teeth

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